18th International Microscopy Congress, Prague, Czech Republic - 7-12 September, 2014

There is a micrograph competition named “Art in Microscopy” at the 18th International Microscopy Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 7-12 September, 2014. Out of the 158 images sent for the competition the Organizing Committee has chosen 12 pictures for the final voting . Two images of the 12 finalists were made in our laboratory. These are pictures No. 1 and 10. In Life Science category one of our images came out first. The image was taken by Adrienn Baris and coloured by Szilvia Kalácska.

5th International Students' Geological Conference (ISGC) - 24-27 April, 2014

The 5th International Students' Geological Conference was hosted by the Faculty of Science, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary 24-27 April, 2014. In the course of this conference a workshop was organized by the SEM Laboratory which was attended by 22 participants of the conference. In the first part of the workshop programme there was an introductory lecture about the SEM/FIB facility followed by two case studies, after which a lab visit with working demonstration was given.

Argon ion surface polishing - 5 March 2014

For the large majority of materials science studies a good quality surface is extremely important. It is of especially great importance in case of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) where the information depth is as shallow as some tens of nanometres and this is the reason why this analytical method requires a damage- and oxide-free sample surface. The SC-1000 SEMPrep dual Ar ion beam workstation developed by Technoorg Linda Ltd, Hungary, is suitable for both surface polishing and slope cutting of solid state samples, preparing high-quality surfaces. These surfaces allow several types of SEM investigations including the surface sensitive EBSD analysis. In the framework of a cooperation between Eötvös University and Technoorg Linda Ltd. sample preparation protocols were specified in the university SEM laboratory. A FEI “Quanta 3D FEG” SEM and its EDAX EBSD device were used to study the surface quality effects of ion milling.

EBSD protocols:

  • Surface polishing and slope cutting by parallel Ar ion beam for high-resolution EBSD measurements (PDF)
  • EBSD sample preparation: high energy Ar ion milling (PDF)

Innovation Day ELTE 2014 - 26 February 2014

A conference on Innovation Day 2014 ELTE was held at ELTE Lagymanyos campus on February 26. The SEM Laboratory participated in the conference with two posters. One of them shows the properties of SEM/FIB device, and the other one presents the results of the backscattered electron diffraction (EBSD) measurements performed in the cooperation with the Technoorg Linda Ltd.