The scanning electron microscope laboratory team welcomes visitors!

SEM FIB kétsugaras pásztázó elektronmikroszkóp

The scanning electron microscopy laboratory was established at the Eötvös University Hungary in 2010 in the framework of the Social Renewal Operational Programme of Hungary funded partly by the European Union. The main device of the laboratory is a FEI Quanta 3D dual beam scanning electron microscope (SEM/FIB). This apparatus is a versatile tool for nanotechnology and advanced materials science, moreover, opens up new dimensions in archaeology, biology, earth science, meteorite research, hydrology and many other research areas. Our laboratory is ready to cooperate not only with the research groups of our university but with external partners as well.

Want to work with us?

If so, first of all read the brief outline of the equipment capabilities.

Brief introduction

Look at our introductory images!

The images provide insight into the FEI Quanta 3D dual beam electron microscope possibilities. It shows some pictures inside and outside of the microscope, and a small selection from our former research images. At the bottom of the microscope images one can find the most important information related to the image-making - accelerating voltage, electron current, magnification, working distance and the scale.

Introductory images