Access Policy

Quanta 3D SEM/FIB equipment is available for researchers and research groups inside and outside the university. If you want to work with us, as a first step, contact with the head of the SEM laboratory by phone or email. Usually, we provide an opportunity for trial measurement.

The operation expenses of the microscope should be covered by both the internal and external customers. The fee depends on the actual task and the time it requires, so usually it is a subject of agreement.

Internal customers can order work by filling in an application form. The order form can be downloaded here. After completing the work, a settlement sheet is sent to the client by the head of the laboratory. The settlement sheet and the confirmation of fulfilment sheet can be downloaded here.

For external customers, a contract should be signed before starting the work with the ELTE Faculty of Science Research and Instrument Core Facility (ELTE FS –RICF). The SEM laboratory is part of this organization. A sample contract can be downloaded here. On completion of the work, a confirmation of fulfilment should be signed by the customer, after which an invoice is sent to the user’s organization.

The work schedule is supervised by a three-member committee. The actual weekly work schedule can be found on the laboratory home page ( The planned weekly schedule is usually available at the end of the previous week (on Saturday or Sunday).